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The Start Up Of Color Quartz


MOST IMPORTANT!!!! DO NOT HEAT YOUR SPA OVER 85o FOR 14 DAYS AFTER RE-SURFACING – However, your guests can get in there after 24 hours upon completion assuming the chemicals are balanced. *****FOR SPAS ONLY*****

  1. We will acid wash the new surface the day of plaster and begin filling the pool with water, leaving the acid bath water in the pool/spa. The pool water will have a low PH at this time. It is your responsibility to stop the water fill when it reaches the middle of the tile line.

    *When pool/spa is full, water should be somewhere about the middle of the tile line.

  3. Add 2 gallons of STAIN FREE per 10,000 gallons of water one time at start up. Pour around sides immediately after the pool has been filled. This complies with the National Plasterers Council recommendations of adding a sequestering agent to ALL pools with new plaster. STAIN FREE will reduce the risk of plaster stains and mottling.
  4. Brush the pool/spa with a stainless steel pool/spa brush (NOT nylon) for 10 days to 2 weeks. Brush at least one time each day, but two or three times is better. This removes more of the cement paste, exposing the quartz aggregate. The equipment SHOULD NOT be running during the FIRST TWO DAYS ONLY. The acid in the water is very corrosive and will etch any metal parts in the pump or heater.
  5. After the first two days of brushing with the water in an acidic state, you will now raise the pH level to the 7.2 to 7.6ppm range. The best way is to first add ALKA BLUE to raise the total alkalinity to the correct level (80 to 120ppm) and then use Ph UPPER, if needed, to bring the PH up to the 7.2 to 7.6 level. Please consult with your Original 7 Representative to determine exactly how much Alka Blue and pH UPPER is required for your pool. Once the PH is balanced you may start up the filtration system.
  6. With the filter system operating you need to balance all chemicals (follow progression listed below / consult your Original 7 Representative) and brush the entire new pool/spa surface every day for about 10 days or until the white plaster dust disappears, but no sooner than seven days.
  7. Color Quartz is much harder than regular plaster; therefore gunite vac heads and pool/spa cleaners can be used three days after the balance chemicals are added.

Color quartz will be somewhat streaked or splotchy for the first three to four months until the white cement paste dissolves from the surface. The pool/spa looks the worst it ever will right after plaster. As the colored quartz is exposed over time, the pool/spa looks better and better. The more you brush the surface with a stainless steel algae brush, the better the pool will look.

****Swimmers can swim as soon as the chemicals are balanced without harming the surface******

During the time period above, it is important to remember the following:

  1. Never shock pool with granular chlorine / gradually bring it up with chlorinator slowly eroding chlorine into pool instead
  2. Never adjust more than one chemical reading per day
  3. If large amounts of chemical are required to adjust readings, always add in small amounts split up over multiple applications
  4. Upon initial startup and balancing, chemical adjustments should be done in this order (and NEVER should any 2 be adjusted in same day at this initial stage):

Care Of Your New Surface

The surface of your pool is constantly changing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many factors contribute to these changes, including the water hardness, heat, evaporation, treatment, maintenance, usage, and the composition and curing characteristics of the plaster itself. In time, the cosmetic appearance of the surface will gradually change as a result of these naturally occurring factors. There are some procedures that can be helpful in minimizing these effects. Please consider the following section on preventive maintenance for better surface care.

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