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Warranty on Plaster

***We are proud to offer the "longest & strongest" warranty in the business***

All of our pool re-surface jobs with "Color Quartz" have a 5 year warranty against de-lamination (assuming that pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and bromine readings have been maintained within county accepted standards during that time – verified by supporting pool reading logs for time period in question).

A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it and we stand behind our warranty with our over 24 years of experience and integrity in the same industry.

NOTE: Colored Quartz Pools: Naturally occurring mottling is more evident in colored plaster pools. Your pool surface will definitely have an inconsistent / "cloud like" appearance BUT it is esthetically pleasing. It will look the most inconsistent initially but, as time goes by, the white scale will start to deteriorate and leave more blue in the finish. Brushing the pool with a stainless steel algae brush will dramatically help the inconsistent look mellow out faster. Since the scale that forms on plasters is white, colored pools may require different care than white plaster pools. Additional strategies to deal with colored
plaster can include chelation, sequestering or calcium reduction. Please consult your Original 7 professional for more information.

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