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Filling Your Pool

Filling your pool correctly is a very important process to insure no watermarks or stains are left on the new pool/spa surface. You need to have one or more garden hoses ready for us to turn on for you (the more the better but, they must be your hoses) by the time we are through. The faster we fill it up, the better your surface will be in the long run – get as many hoses as possible for us to begin filling your pool upon completion!! The day of completion, the hose is placed at the deepest portion of the pool – to fill from the lowest part of the pool up - with a clean soft cloth or sock wrapped around the end to diffuse the water entering the pool. The water must be left running until the pool is full and the water level is halfway up the skimmer opening. If the water is stopped during the filling process, it will leave a "bathtub ring" which sometimes cannot be removed. If more than one hose is used, additional hoses should be placed on the deck and weighted down so that the water will project into the deep end of the pool. Additional hoses should only be turned on once the pool contains 3-4 feet of water, with the volume adjusted so that the water does not contact the new surface directly and is not introduced in a manner that can damage the new surface. Water should never be added where it will run across the new surface. Do not use the fill line to fill the pool. Do not fill the pool using softened water.


Once our crew has placed your hose and started the water, it is your responsibility to monitor the correct position of the hose and a continuous flow of water until filling is completed. DO NOT STOP FLOW OF WATER INTO POOL UNTIL WATER LEVEL IS HALF WAY UP THE WATER LINE TILE. Pool surfaces are very high in cement content and need to be submerged in water for the curing process, the faster the pool is filled, the less problems you will have in future years.

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CPOThe Certified Pool Operator (CPO) training is designed to provide individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations.

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