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Backwashing Instructions "Multi Port" Valve System

  1. Turn Pump Off
  2. Rotate Handle To "Backwash" Position (Always Rotate Clockwise)
  3. Turn Pump On (If You Have A Separate Backwash Valve, You Will Have Open That Line)
  4. Pour 8oz. (Per Filter) Of "Filter Flush" Into Skimmer Basket Closest To Pump House While Backwashing
  5. Backwash Until Site Glass Is Clear Or Between 5 & 15 Minutes
  6. Turn Pump Off
  7. Rotate Handle To "Rinse" Position (Clockwise Always)
  8. Turn Pump Back On For 30 Seconds To 1 Minute
  9. Turn Pump Off
  10. Return Handle To "Filter" Position (Normal Operation)
  11. Turn Pump On

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