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Steps to Drain Pool Before We Arrive

  1. Close the Skimmer Lines
  2. Close the Vacuum Lines
  3. Open the main drain line ALL THE WAY
  4. Open the backwash line valve (if you have one / not all pools have one BUT – you need to be sure that, if you do, it is open)
  5. Turn power to pool lights off – if you don't do this, you will ruin your pool lights
  6. Put Multi-port valve in "WASTE" position
  7. Turn power to pumps ON
    • Once you began draining the pool: don't shut off pumps until pool is completely drained. Other wise if the pumps are shut off before it's completely drained, they will not be able to restart the draining the next day. The pool pumps are not strong enough to re-prime from a stand still when pool is half way drained.
    • Keep an eye on the pump throughout the day. If it runs "dry" – then you need to turn power to pump off and – if pool is not entirely empty – you will need to get a sump pump and drop it in the pool to get the remaining water out.
  8. Your pool should drain entirely in 6 to 8 hours – keep an eye on it so you don't run the pumps dry

Please sign this document acknowledging that you have read and understand the proper pool draining procedures.

Please fax back to our office at 770-794-5864. We can not begin work until we receive this form back at our office.

DO NOT DRAIN till our project coordinator calls you – THEN follow above once he calls AND call us immediately once the pool is drained so we can proceed – 770-794-8511.

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